New York: The Unknown City

By (author) Brad Dunn and Daniel Hood

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ISBN: 9781551521619
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About this book

It's been said that if you can't find it in New York City, you can't find it anywhere, and that's probably true: rightly so, New York is one of the world's great cities, if not the greatest of them all. But even the most diehard New Yorker will delight in the pleasures and discoveries to be found in New York: The Unknown City, which unlocks a treasure chest of Gotham secrets, some dark, some light, and some just plain weird.

This guidebook̷for residents and visitors alike―will tell you where the bodies are buried, and where others have been dug up; where to get the best pizza slice, the best knish, and the most expensive martini; how to explore the Hudson River for free via kayak, and how to navigate your way through the wilds of Central Park by streetlight. There are also tales of underground sex clubs, viral outbreaks, a secret tunnel in Grand Central Station, an electrocuted elephant at Coney Island, and little-known bars, cafes, hangouts, and other places to frolic. From the Bowery to Broadway, from the five boroughs to the Five Families, these are the best of the 8 million stories the Naked City has to offer.

Brash, smart, and defiantly unapologetic, this anti-Frommer/Fodor's guidebook―the first American city in Arsenal's alternative travel series―will make you see Gotham City in an entirely new light. You think you know New York? You don't know anything until you've read New York: The Unknown City.

This latest addition to Arsenal's fine series of hip city guides holds all you need to know about where to eat, sleep and shop.
—Vancouver Sun

This is a fun book to bring along with your Frommer's for a quirky, irreverent, and just plain nutty look at a great city.
—Library Journal

...the first American city in Arsenal's Unknown City alternative-travel series, which aims to deliver "offbeat factoids and surprising anecdotes of interest to locals and travelers alike". This secrets-of-the-city concept is not new in travel writing. Lots of publishers do it; they just don't do it very well. And although much of the competition suffers from uninspired writing and not-so-secret secrets, Brad Dunn and Daniel Hood, two New York journalists, have produced a fresh, funny, and truly off-the-grid guide to a city that runs circles around every other metropolis.
—The Georgia Straight

This treasure chest of facts and fun includes unapologetically opinionated advice on everything from the finest pizza slices in New York to the best bargain stores.
—The Oregonian

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