The Asthmatic Glassblower

and other poems

By (author) Billeh Nickerson

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About this book

Billeh Nickerson is a poet for our times—a witty, urbane chronicler of life through lavender-coloured glasses. His poems, full of astonishing pleasures, speak to the wonders of the world: about "the push of knowing you're different" and "the pull of wanting to belong." Whether it is professing his unrequited love for Wayne Gretzky, or offering his insight into the tragicomic dynamics of Three's Company, Billeh Nickerson proves that a good poem is not hard to find.

Nickerson looks up at his community from the gutter, not down from the condo loft—and therefore, as Wilde taught us, he can also see the stars.
—R.M. Vaughan

Billeh Nickerson forms his exacting observations into poems that are fragile receptacles of wordplay.
Quill and Quire

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