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When Everything Feels like the Movies

Raziel Reid controversy covered in The Walrus, National Post, The Guardian (Feb 2015)

The controversy over Raziel Reid's When Everything Feels like the Movie is the subject of an article in The Guardian.

The novel, about a gay high school student named Jude, won the Governor General's Literary Award for children's literature in November, and was recently named one of five finalists for CBC's "Canada Reads" competition. But a backlash followed; first, a vitrolic op-ed by Barbara Kay in the National Post calling the book a "values-void novel," followed by an petition requesting that the Canada Council for the Arts revoke the award on the basis of the book's graphic language.

Raziel responded with an essay for The Walrus, which you can read here. National Post books editor Emily M. Keeler also responded with a thoughtful essay, which you can read here.

The subject has also made its way across the pond, in this article that appeared in The Guadian.

Not surprisingly, all the back talk and the subsequent widespread support for the book and its author has resulted in strong sales: the book is now entering its fourth printing.