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The Outer Harbour

Wayde Compton: Globe and Mail interview (Nov 2014)

Wayde Compton, author of the story collection The Outer Harbour, is interviewed by The Globe and Mail.

"I was curious to see what I could do in prose fiction that I wasnít doing in poetry or non-fiction. I was particularly interested in developing characters as they interact with spaces. When I began The Outer Harbour, I was in the midst of what turned out to be an 11-year campaign to have a memorial plaque installed in Vancouver honouring the legacy of this cityís original black community in the East End. That community, like so many other black communities in North America, was displaced due to an 'urban renewal' policy. That policy, here as in many other cities, consistently targeted poor and non-white populations. So I was thinking a lot about how urban space is manipulated by power, and how ordinary people are influenced by policy decisions about space. That kind of thinking led me in many different directions, and a collection of short stories seemed like the best way to look at several ways that space is parcelled out socially."

You can read the full interview here.