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Daniel Francis wins Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award (Oct 2014)

BC historian Daniel Francis has won the 2014 Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award in the field of literary arts. The annual Mayor's Arts Awards celebrate cultural excellence in Vancouver by recognizing key figures in various arts disciplines, including literature.

Daniel is the author of two dozen books, principally about Canadian, British Columbian, and local history. He's written or edited five for Arsenal Pulp Press: The Imaginary Indian: The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture; Imagining Ourselves: Classics of Canadian Non-Fiction; National Dreams: Myth, Memory, and Canadian History; Seeing Reds: The Red Scare of 1918-1919, Canada's First War on Terror; and LD: Mayor Louis Taylor and the Rise of Vancouver, which won the City of Vancouver Book Award. Daniel's other books include the comprehensive Encyclopedia of British Columbia, published by Harbour Publishing.

Congratulations, Daniel!

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