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Angie Abdou interviewed by 49th Shelf (Sep 2014)

49th Shelf interviews Angie Abdou about her new novel Between:

"I'm inspired by Unless, by Carol Shields, and its assertion that the work of feminism is not done. In an interview, Shields expressed her worry about young women no longer self-identifying as feminists. It is a worry that I share. Between grows out of that anxiety.

"To give this same anxiety a less literary context, a friend with young children recently complained 'It's still f*cking 1950 around here but now we have jobs too.' Again -- the work of feminism is not done. Of course our struggles in North America are not the same as the struggles of someone like Ligaya in the third world. Nonetheless, it is worth acknowledging that disparity exists here, too."

You can read the interview here.