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The Trial of Pope Benedict

The Trial of Pope Benedict in Xtra (Aug 2013)

Daniel Gawthrop is interviewed by the Daily Xtra for his book The Trial of Pope Benedict in which he suggests that Benedict may have resigned as a result of homosexuality infiltrating the Church:

"“Imagine someone like him who has basically made it his mission to clean the Vatican of ‘its Filth’ — meaning [gay people] — to suddenly be confronted with these three big dossiers compiled by cardinals coming back to him with reports saying, ‘I’m sorry your Holiness but tons of Vatican officials are being blackmailed by, you know hustlers, and oh yes, there’s a big bathhouse and oh yes, Bertone approved it.’ You can just imagine him tearing his hair out and saying, ‘I’m going to be 86 in a few months, I can’t deal with this!’”

You can read the interview here.