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The Trial of Pope Benedict

Daniel Gawthrop on Pope Francis (Jun 2013)

Daniel Gawthrop (The Trial of Pope Benedict) assesses the first 100 days of Pope Francis's reign for The Tyee:

"If you look at the first 100 days, he hasn't done yet anything substantial in terms of taking any action either through encyclicals on things or reassigning people. But from what I understand that's not supposed to happen until the fall, when he's going to appoint a new secretary of state. What he's doing now is he's putting his style stamp on the papacy, and he's winning back the hearts of the flock, because the person he was replacing was thoroughly unlikeable, thoroughly inaccessible.

"From this point of view, Francis has been a success so far. He's done a number of things that have drawn people closer -- from his comments about atheists being OK and blessing a bunch of 35,000 Harley Davidson riders.

"It's very strategic for him to do this; it makes a lot of sense. But if he's going to do some tough things like get rid of Angelo Sodano and Tarcisio Bertone in the fall, then he better have a lot of people behind him and a lot of good will, because it's going to be tough."

You can read the full interview here.