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The World Is Moving around Me

Dany Laferriere profiled in The Guardian (Feb 2013)

Dany Laferriere, author of The World Is Moving around Me: A Memoir of the Haiti Earthquake, is profiled in The Guardian in which he talks about his acclaimed writing career and about being in Haiti during the tragic 2010 earthquake:

"Laferrière was back in Haiti for a literary festival in the capital Port-au-Prince when the earthquake struck on 12 January 2010, killing tens of thousands and reducing the city to rubble. He was waiting for lobster in a hotel restaurant, and began scribbling '15 minutes after the first tremors,' he says in French. 'It's not often you see your city falling down in front of your eyes. People are screaming in pain all around you. Children are running in the streets. Some people start talking about the end of the world. But writing, for me, was as important as taking care of the injured.' "

You can read the article here.