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The World Is Moving around Me

The World Is Moving around Me in the National Post (Jan 2013)

Dany Laferriere's memoir of the Haiti earthquake, The World Is Moving around Me, is reviewed by Jeet Heer in the National Post:

"By keeping his focus on the heroism and pluck of everyday Haitians, Laferrière has written not only a valuable book but also a necessary one, a slim but potent volume reminding us that the people of Haiti deserve far better than the cards handed to them by fate. Of course, Laferrière is not a policy wonk, so he leaves unanswered the question of how to aid Haiti in the face of a dysfunctional political culture. Still, in a just world, this book will excite renewed passion for helping Haiti and also a large audience for Laferrière himself, a talented writer who deserves a wide readership."

You can read the full review here.