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Becoming Unbecoming

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Becoming Unbecoming, Such a Lovely Little War in New York Times (Dec 2016)

Becoming Unbecoming and Such a Lovely Little War are reviewed in the New York Times as being among "The Season's Best New Graphic Novels":

On Becoming Unbecoming: "Una's personal experience is less the center of this story than the springboard for an extended examination of what she calls 'the four horsemen of gender violence -- shame, isolation, disbelief, ridicule.'"

On Such a Lovely Little War: "What holds the book together is Truong's artwork: confident, contoured brush strokes with watercolor washes, alternating between full color and monochromatic tints. He shows us that what was happening in Vietnam was a nightmare, but also that his youthful perspective made it seem, at the time, like an adventure."

You can read the review here.