A Novel

By (author) Judy MacDonald

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About this book

Provocative, suspenseful, and dangerously sensual, Jane tells the story of a young woman's need to be loved, her wish to be wanted. Perplexed by a world that treats her as an outsider—a girl with foolish, impudent desires—she becomes that girl, using her youth and sexuality to attract and repel. Yearning to be older, to be an adult, she dances at the fringes of power and control in her relationship, ultimately testing notions of perpetrator and victim.

Often frightening in its powerful mixture of fantasy and reality, Jane skillfully documents the impressionability of a young woman, and flirts with alternate interpretations of sexuality and desire in a difficult, complicated age.

Jane is a unique co-publication with The Mercury Press of Toronto.

Shortlisted, Rogers Communications Writer's Trust Prize for Fiction

Part fantasy, part reality, part arty thriller, MacDonald gives us a brutal, erotic look at power, sex, submission, and longing.
—Vancouver Sun

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