Bringing It Home

Women Talk About Feminism in Their Lives

Contributions by Patty Osborne , Larissa Lai and Kate Braid
Edited by Brenda Lea Brown

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About this book

Bringing It Home: Women Talk About Feminism in Their Lives is a kitchen sink to corporate boardroom collection of essays that peels away the rhetoric from feminist discourse.

Thirty-something years after the resurrection of the modern Women's movement—at the height of skepticism about the relevance of feminism (some say it's dead)—this lively gathering of deeply personal narratives brings feminism home and sits her down with twenty-four other interesting women to discuss life, love, motherhood, daughterhood, work, art, sex, science, sports, and community.

Editor Brenda Lea Brown has brought together an impressive roster of contributors-from different generations, different walks of life, different geographical, ethnic, and religious communities.

"I wanted to hear from women who are not regular spokespeople for feminism and to find out how they negotiated the sometimes intractable waters between their lives and their ideals," she says.

"It was a relief to discover that I wasn't the only woman in the world who felt as though she was living in the shadow of an impenetrable monolith called feminism. It was empowering to learn that individual feminist women do not all think alike—they have not all read the same books or made themselves aware of each others' issues."

In her foreword to the collection, Rosemary Brown, former British Columbia MLA and Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission writes: "The personal lives recorded in this book clearly outline how . . . we are resurrecting our histories, restoring our ancestors to their rightful place, and preparing our children and grandchildren to ensure that the path to the future continues to right the wrongs of the past."

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