Out of This World

The Natural History of Milton Acorn

By (author) Chris Gudgeon

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ISBN: 9781551520308
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About this book

Out of this World is a lively biography of Canada's "People's Poet," Milton Acorn, exploring &#8211 and exposing &#8211 his larger-than-life myths, and tracing his tragic rise and fall: from his youth in Charlottetown, to Montréal in the late '50s, to Toronto and Vancouver in the '60s. His poetry was at once political and personal, informed by both Marxist dogma and intimate experience; his voice unique among Canadian poets. For better or worse, Acorn fearlessly and recklessly embraced life as only he could.

A man of great myth, and the subject of much speculation, Acorn died having established himself as one of Canada's most celebrated and popular poets.

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