Sodom Road Exit

By (author) Amber Dawn

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ISBN: 9781551527161
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About this book

The second novel by Lambda Literary Award winner Amber Dawn: at once a compelling family melodrama and a lesbian supernatural thriller.

It's the summer of 1990, and Crystal Beach in Ontario has lost its beloved, long-running amusement park, leaving the lakeside village a virtual ghost town. It is back to this fallen community Starla Mia Martin must return to live with her overbearing mother after dropping out of university and racking up significant debt. But an economic downturn, mother-daughter drama, and Generation X disillusionment soon prove to be the least of Starla's troubles: a mysterious and salacious force begins to dog Starla; inexplicable sounds in the night and unimaginable sights spotted on the periphery. Soon enough, Starla must confront the unresolved traumas that haunt Crystal Beach.

Sodom Road Exit might read like a conventional paranormal thriller, except that Starla is far from a conventional protagonist. Where others might feel fear, Starla feels lust and queer desire. When others might run, Starla draws the horror nearer. And in turn, she draws a host of capricious characters toward her―all of them challenged to seek answers beyond their own temporal realities.

Sodom Road Exit, the second novel by Amber Dawn, is a book that's alive with both desire and dread.

Unsettling. Captivating. Genius! As riveting as Siouxsie and the Banshee's "Spellbound" and as fascinating as Marian Engel's The Bear. Amber Dawn has rolled out a red carpet laced with sweet mystery for everyone this novel discovers. I love everything about this. Amber Dawn RULES for all of eternity. ―Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed and Godless but Loyal to Heaven

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