Adrian and the Tree of Secrets

By (author) Hubert
Illustrated by Marie Caillou

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ISBN: 9781551525563
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About this book

A bittersweet graphic novel about a nerdy teenaged boy who falls in love with the cool kid at school.

Adrian isn't very happy these days. He lives in a small town and goes to a Catholic high school. He wears glasses, secretly reads philosophy books, and wishes he had more muscles. He's dogged by a strict mother, bullied by fellow players on the soccer field, and chastised by the school principal, who considers rumors about Adrian being gay as a sign that he is "ill." But Jeremy, the coolest kid at school, thinks otherwise; he takes Adrian on scooter trips, where they end up in Jeremy's secret treehouse stealing kisses. Adrian finds himself falling in love, until Jeremy's girlfriend rats them out, sending Jeremy into a tailspin of embarrassment. What will become of Adrian?

Adrian and the Tree of Secrets is a poignant, beautifully illustrated graphic novel about first love, growing up, and having the courage to be true to yourself.

Visually beautiful, and using both dialogue and captivating images, Adrian and the Tree of Secrets lets Adrian's story unfold panel after panel ... This graphic novel is a sensitive reminder that there are still plenty of [gay teens like] Adrian's out there, and despite great leaps forward, isolation and harassment remain a reality for many LGBT youth around the world. ― LGBT Teens

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