Vegan Go-Go!

A Cookbook & Survival Manual for Vegans on the Road

By (author) Sarah Kramer

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About this book

2008 Veggie Award Winner: "Comeback of the Year"

2009 Libby Award Winner (PETA): Best Cookbook

Sarah Kramer is a vegan superstar; she was named "The World's Coolest Vegan" by Herbivore magazine, and her first three cookbooks have sold a combined total of over 150,000 copies. Vegan Go-Go! represents a change of pace for Sarah: a cookbook and more for vegan travellers, many of whom are daunted by the idea of going on the road and being able to locate and/or prepare the kind of nutritious animal-free meals they enjoy at home.

The new, full-colour book includes 150 recipes, many of them new, and others that have been adapted from her earlier books. All of the recipes are easy to prepare with a minimum of ingredients but guaranteed to deliver energy, nutrition, and great flavour. The rest of the book contains information and advice pertinent to vegan travelers, from how to deconstruct a restaurant menu to what food items are best suited to carry around in your luggage or handbag. There's even a section on "How to Say 'I Am Vegan'" in numerous languages.

The book is also designed with the traveller in mind: small enough to slip into one's pocket or purse, yet with a reinforced cover to ensure durability under the harshest conditions. Full of Sarah's high-energy wit and verve, Vegan Go-Go! makes life for vegan travelers a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.

No more healthy food that tastes like sawdust; with these dishes, Sarah has managed to make vegan food fun, tasty, and sexy! What more could a hedonist like me ask for?
―Jane Wiedlin, The Go-Go's

Vegans who are this much fun could make Ted Nugent into a convert. More Sarah for everyone!!
―Shoshana, The Monkey Bunch

With Kramer's latest book, Vegan a Go-Go, we connect with the punk princess of meatlessness once again. This new set of recipes, is collected into a mini-tome so tiny it's no bigger than a change purse. And for practical purpose, because as a "survival manual for vegans on the road", it's designed to be easily tucked into a purse, suitcase, car glove compartment, or even a passport folder. We love the spunky graphic look to it.
City Food (Vancouver)

Sarah's food and travel manifesto, Vegan a Go-Go!, will surely bring devotees to their knees: Kramer's lovable personality, to-die-for recipes, and campy, retro-style photography ooze from the adorable pocket-sized book.

With an awesome 150 recipes, Vegan a Go-Go is meant to fit in the backpack of the herbivore on the road.... If you love to cook, this is definitely a book you'll want to check out!

This pocket-size cookbook is a useful resource whether your family is vegan or just looking for easy ways to eat healthy while you're away from home. It's full of helpful travel tips and delicious veggie-packed recipes (like Pun-kin Pasta and Nutty Broccoli) you can prepare without much fuss in the kitchen where you're staying.
Scholastic Parent & Child

Kramer's book is a fun little book--about the size of a passport--sporting a retro look, snappy, fun writing, and lush-sounding recipes.
Monday Magazine

I got a little more than I expected when I opened Sarah Kramer's pocket-sized travel guide, Vegan a Go-Go. Sure, it has the usual Kramerish type recipes, but it also has a wealth of plain old reading material. I loved the stories of Kramer as a child traveling with theater parents. I also appreciated the tales of Sarah as a young adult just learning about the world and the troubles that ensued. And I found it interesting how both of these experiences shaped her later adventures.

Kramer shows off her glam-punk style throughout the book and takes an informal, heart-felt approach to her writing.... [Her] recipes are approachable and fun.

Snacks like Righteous Orbs and Chocolate Nut Energy Bars are the perfect pick-me-up for foodies traveling by train, plane, car or foot and on a budget.
E: The Environmental Magazine

This is much more than a traveller's cookbook; there are plenty of good travel tips that cover much more than food choices.
North Shore News (North Vancouver, BC)

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