The Convictions of Leonard McKinley

By (author) Brendan McLeod

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ISBN: 9781551522227
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About this book

A raucous coming-of-age novel about a teenager whose faith in the world and himself is being sorely tested. By the age of thirteen, Leonard McKinley's failure to follow his own moral compass has caused his father's heart attack and triggered an epileptic fit in his dog. How can he learn to suppress his dark, subversive tendencies and balance virtue with fitting in? Leonard's story is both poignant and hilarious as he compels himself through a series of increasingly complex ethical trials in order to become a better human being.

The Convictions of Leonard McKinley won the 29th annual edition of the International 3-Day Novel Contest, established in Vancouver in 1977 and held every Labor Day weekend on laptops and writing pads all over the world; to date, it has spawned twenty-four published novels, not to mention thousands of first drafts and great book ideas.

A publication of 3-Day Books.

An emotionally powerful book and an intense read...McLeod's knack for realistic dialogue and for shaping young male characters bring this coming-of-age tale to life.
Now Magazine

McLeod's plot works away with quiet efficiency. Leonard comes apart as the book comes together.
Globe and Mail

McLeod...has built a solid reputation as one of the country's best spoken word performers. It turns out his command of language is just as strong on paper, however, as Leonard McKinley is an equally funny, disturbing and poignant tale of a young man struggling to reconcile his strong Christian faith with his increasingly dark impulses.
Monday Magazine

A very funny book about religious extremism... McLeod puts the fun in fundamentalism."
Uptown Magazine

McLeod's writing is clear, thoughtful and funny and he has produced an entertaining read and a few moral dilemmas.
Broken Pencil

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