With a Rough Tongue

Femmes Write Porn

Edited by Amber Dawn and Trish Kelly

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ISBN: 9781551521930
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About this book

A rebellious anthology of stories about sex and the modern femme: no-holdsbarred queer sex tales that reinvent lesbian erotica in ways that are transgressive and empowering. Starting off where other lesbian erotic anthologies end, these are not your typically delicate, lace-and-feathers kind of stories; instead, they're blunt and hard-hitting and challenge traditional notions of gender roles when it comes to getting off.

The anthologists argue that good, clean lesbian smut is difficult to come by these days, overwhelmed by political correctness and authorial self-censorship. Unabashedly raunchy, these stories prove that femme porn can be sexy and smart at the same time.

Includes stories by Nalo Hopkinson (The Salt Roads and So Long Been Dreaming), Anna Camilleri (I Am a Red Dress, Red Light, Brazen Femme), Rachel Kramer Bussel, R.P. Chow, Daphne Gottlieb, Ducky Doolittle, Suki Lee, May Lui, M.V. Smith, Sherece Taffe, and Zoe Whittall.

[The editors'] deeply personal introductions are brave insights into their own world and how they found empowerment through pornography.
—Xtra! West

...It can be safely said the writing here is superb, far superior to that of many "erotic" anthologies.
—Ottawa Citizen

Canadian dyke daredevils Amber Dawn and Trish Kelly dismantle every expectation of lesbian erotica in their collection, With a Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn. Featuring a select group (full disclosure: myself included) of dyke-identified women writers, they go beyond standard notions of the erotic to playfully, artfully, and boldly look at real women's desires.
—Bust Magazine

Well-written, empowering, and challenging.
—Books to Watch Out For

An empowering collection of pieces that combine skilled writing with an honest look at lesbian desire. These stories question gender and sexuality in a way I haven't seen in lesbian erotica before, yet manage to be sexy as hell.

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