Guests in Your Garden

Facts and Folklore About Bugs, Slugs, and other Garden Creatures

By (author) Michele Davidson

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ISBN: 9781551520971
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About this book

When people talk about the joys of gardening, they're usually referring to the flora rather than the fauna. But the pleasures of the garden are often accompanied by creatures who likely have not been invited: slugs, aphids, spiders, beetles. But they're nothing to be afraid of: they're all part of a fascinating natural world right beneath your feet. Guests in Your Garden is a whimsical illustrated compendium of historical facts, trivia, and folklore about these amazing creatures.

For example:
fruit flies produce 25 generations in just one year
a preying mantis can look over its shoulder thanks to its unique, freely rotating head
and male mosquitos have furry antennae with which they make music to attract female mosquitos

Guests in Your Garden takes a fresh look at the amazing array of creatures that share your turf, and invites you to think of your "pests" as guests. Author Michele Davidson and illustrator Eve Corbel take you on a personal guided tour of the intriguing garden species—common to many areas of Canada and the US—that make every backyard or balcony garden a natural wonder. This delightful and charming book is ideal for curious gardeners and bug people alike.

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