An Off-the-Wall Guide to 100 Really Odd Jobs

By (author) John H. Anderson

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ISBN: 9781551520704
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About this book

Kareers is a satirical hot button collection of alternative career opportunities that - at the cusp of the millennium - pokes fun at America's corporate malaise. It's a book for those who've read What Color Is Your Parachute? and decided that bungy-jumping is more their style.

Kareers lists job descriptions for 100 questionable callings, from alien smuggler to x-sportsperson, from busybody to psycho-babblist, from lounge lizard to slumlord to suicide bomber. Each kareer is described in full detail and includes a job description and sample references material. Accompanying each description is an illustration depicting a typical kareer-minded individual, along with handy tips for would-be applicants.

Why not consider a conspiracy theorist, and learn to develop your plagiarism and exaggeration skills while fabricating juicy new plots (hours are flexible, and you can do a lot of work via the internet)? Or how about a professional survivalist, where you can learn to foster and feed mass hysteria while living off the land? Or consider a body fluids/parts donor; benefits include free medical exams, transportation, and snacks.

This useful guide is a way out of your employment doldrums. It asks the question: why settle for a boring old career when an exciting and unusual kareer is at your fingertips?

Kareers is a great gift for cellmates, graduates, ex-spouses, job seekers, human resource managers, and pseudo-intellectuals.

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