Quickies 2

Short Short Fiction on Gay Male Desire

Edited by James C. Johnstone

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ISBN: 9781551520698
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About this book

The first volume of Quickies, the anthology of short short fiction on gay male desire, was published in 1998 and appeared on numerous gay/lesbian bestseller lists, including The Advocate in May 1999; it is now well into its second printing. This second volume of gay male short shorts delivers some of the hottest stories yet on sex and desire between men. Like Hot & Bothered, its lesbian counterpart, there are 69 stories from numerous countries around the world, including the US, Canada, Great Britain, and elsewhere. There are stories that run the gamut of gay men's sexual experience, from first kisses to last calls. And, once again, the book's contributors include well-known and first-time writers from around the world.

CONTRIBUTORS: Alan Alvare, Damien Barlow, Allen Borcherding, John Briggs, Doug Browning, Lawrence Cloake, Bob Condron, Ted Cornwall, Billy Cowan, Joe De Marco, J.B. Droullard, Jim Eigo, Alex F. Fayle, Douglas Ferguson, David Ford, Michael Thomas Ford, Norman Francois, Robert Franz, David Garnes, Robert Gray, David Greig, Darren Hagen, Richard Haggen, Wes Hartley, Matthew RK Haynes, George Ilsley, Ron Jackson, Eddie James, Jeff Kirby, Kevin Knox, Michael Lassell, Joe Lavelle, Paul Leroux, Tom Lever, Shaun Levin, Mark MacDonald, Tom McDonald, Ian Andrew McKenzie, Harry Matthews, Dalyn Miller, Alan Mills, David Mueller, Christian Muncy, Steve Nugent, Christopher Paw, Gary Probe, Andy Quan, Sandip Roy, Lawrence Schimel, Simon Sheppard, Michael V. Smith, Brian Stein, horehound stillpoint, Sam Sommer, George Suvari, Roy Tester, Robert Thomson, Paul Vallance, Jim Ventura, Bob Vickery, Barry Webster, Greg Wharton, A. Vincent Williams, Duane Williams, Chris Wittke, Nothing Kristofer Wolfe, Raymond John Woolfrey.

. . . combines the work of emerging writers with more established ones. . . there is something to please everyone.

. . . this is a fine read. . . will spark both passion and conversation. . .

. . . succeed[s] in creating a portrait about desire. . .
—Quill & Quire

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